Priscilla Harp makes playing Music Fun and Easy
Music speaks what cannot be expressed,
Soothes the mind and gives it rest,
Heals the heart and makes it whole,
Flows from heaven to the soul.
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Music speaks what can not be expressed,
   Soothes the mind and gives it rest,
        Heals the heart and makes it whole,
            Flows from Heaven to the soul....


A Special Gift for You:  A .pdf version of an index of ALL the songs that are in Music Fun and Easy books  that have been published, including the brand new books listed below --- is my gift to you.  Just email my assistant and let her know you want your copy!  

A Book of WALTZ Songs is HERE - Hot off the Press! Read all about it below.

Song Listings for these books listed below: just click HERE !


Music Fun and Easy Beginner's Book-- teaches the fundamentals of my musical number system using easy children's songs, comes with transposition tools and guitar musical number graphic for the positions of notes for key of G. Also, there are two easy to follow musical number graphics for the piano.  A person only needs to be able to count from 1 to 7 (it's really fun and easy) using this musical number system.  $25.00 includes shipping


SO YA WANNA PLAY LEAD - Music Fun and Easy Instrument Tool Box-- offers my musical number system fingering on the piano and most string instruments including fiddle, guitar, bass, dobro or slide guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, cello and viola, in various keys.  Easy to play chords and a "Using the Capo" Guide are included.  Additional transposition charts are provided for numbering your sheet music in major keys. $40.00 includes shipping


Music Fun and Easy BLUEGRASS Songs --  offers over 50 wonderful bluegrass songs with chords and melody lines (leads) offered in every piece of music using my musical number system.  Transposition chart can be used to play the music in any key to suit your voice!  This book offers some advanced instrumental bluegrass tunes that will delight any instrument, especially the fiddle!  A handy guide to using the capo is also included here.  $40.00 includes shipping.


 Music Fun and Easy BLUEGRASS 2 Songs- Published just recently, this additional bluegrass book offers even MORE Bluegrass tunes and popular bluegrass jam pleasers!  Also, you can play some instrumentals easily, such as Arkansas Traveler and Whiskey Before Breakfast (2 variations included), with the simple number system format.  Transposition chart and guitar/piano lead guides are provided here too, as well as the guide to using the capo.  $40.00 includes shipping.


 Music Fun and Easy COUNTRY GOSPEL Songs -- offers over 40 loved gospel tunes with chords and melody lines (leads) featuring my musical number system.  A transposition chart, as well as a guitar fingering chart in the key of G and piano charts in several favorite keys (G, C and F#) are included for easy, convenient reference. This music offers dedicated bass notes on some songs appropriate for old-time country gospel songs.  These gospel tunes have simple arrangements with easy-to-learn leads!  A guide to use the capo is also included for switching keys to accommodate singers without having to learn any new chords.  These songs are perfect for any fun jam!  $40.00 includes shipping.

Music Fun and Easy WORSHIP Songs--  offers 40 great religious praise songs, popular in many Christian church services, introduces different rhythms for certain songs with focus on rhythms for playing the piano and bass (right hand chords, left hand bass notes).  Musical number system drawings for finger positions on guitar (key of G) and piano (keys of G, C and F#), a guide to using the capo to easily switch keys on the guitar, and chords and lyrics with the melody tunes are here for every song.  This is a perfect book for church bands and music ministries!  Some special attention is addressed to music pace and patterns in this book, appropriate for the types of music popular in the southern worship genre.  $40.00 includes shipping.
Music Fun and Easy Country Folk 1 Songs- has all the best and loved "old- time" country tunes!  All of these tunes were famous long before the 50's.  These are simple versions of ole' goodies, and several songs in this book are perfect for the banjo player in you.  Both country folk books include musical number system drawings for positions on guitar (key of G) and piano (keys of G, C and F#), a guide to using the capo, a legend, and all songs have chords and melody lines numbered for you.  My 85-year old friends love this book, as it contains all their favorites!  $40.00 includes shipping.

Music Fun and Easy Country Folk 2 Songs  This book offers the rest of the 'old goodies that wouldn't fit in the #1 book, as well as newer country songs and ballads that make popular songs for jams.  Some of these tunes can be challenging to play at the correct pace, but very loved tunes that just couldn't be left out of a country-folk song book!  $40.00 includes shipping.   




Music Fun and Easy CHRISTMAS Songs    Our BIGGEST and MOST COMPLETE SELECTION of Christmas songs, along with a few Hannukah songs too!  Please check out the index!  This is the only Christmas songbook you'll need!  Drawings to follow the musical number system for guitar and piano are here, including guidelines for using the guitar capo, and chords/melody lines/lyrics are available for every one of the 72 songs in this book!  On certain songs, a rhythm is made available to make playing easier and melodious.  $40 includes shipping.


Music Fun and Easy MOVIE Songs - This book has over 95 movie tunes to please ANY pallet!  Please take a peak at its Index and drool until you have them all at your fingertips!  Of course, chords and melody lines/lyrics are included, and all the special tools that make playing easy are included here too.  This book is spiral bound and lays flat for your convenience.  $40 includes shipping. 

Music Fun and Easy BEGINNER 2 BOOK This book has everyone smiling!  It is a wonderful collection of songs that ALL people, young and old, will enjoy!  There are 4 pages to the index!  This book has some special treats for piano players, including a cadence chart to figure how to play chords without looking, as well as some instrumentals (in color) to help your budding musician coordinate left and right hands on piano.  All of this music is suitable for all string instruments as well.  This fabulous collection is available for $40, includes shipping.  

Music Fun and Easy MOVIE Songs for the YOUNG AT HEART - a really fun and easy collection of favorite songs from children's films.  This has all the goodies, with capo chart for string instruments, transposition charts to easily find your key, and easy tools set up especially for piano and guitar players.  No other book in our collection has these songs!  This favorite is available for $40, includes shipping. 
Music Fun and Easy BEATLES SONGS  *NEW*- a collection of loved songs performed by the Beatles.  This book also includes a transposition chart for ALL major keys, as the Beatles broke almost every rule in music and some songs require changing keys in the middle of the song!  Of course, there are special easy tools set up especially for piano and guitar players, and the music includes wonderful bass walks.  This favorite is available for $40, includes shipping.

Music Fun and Easy 2-CHORD SONGS -*NEW* ! -  This book is just plain fun and really, really easy!  It's for the folks who really don't want to practice but want to come across like they know what they're doing really fast and without too much effort!  Available at $40, includes shipping.

Music Fun and Easy BLUEGRASS 3 SONGS *NEW* !--  More wonderful bluegrass tunes here.  The special parts of this book are the really easy instrumentals that are soooo popular at jams, especially for those fiddle players, as well as the mandolin players!  These tunes have been formatted in a way to get you playing sooner than later!  Available at $40, includes shipping.

Music Fun and Easy COUNTRY/FOLK 3 *NEW*!  --  Just the best country and folk you'll ever find all in one book!  It makes the collection of Music Fun and Easy Country/Folk tunes pretty complete!  Any real lover of country music has a winner here.  Available at $40, includes shipping.

Music Fun and Easy Oldies But GOODIES! *NEW* ! --  Don't have to be an old-timer to enjoy these -- they have stood the test of time, time and time again!  Ageless tunes that are as lovely as they are old and loved. Available at $40, includes shipping.  

(All references to shipping here are to locations within the continental United States.  Any international shipping needs will be calculated based on location.  Just click on the picture above, and let's hook up to discuss any orders in question.)

Music Fun and Easy WALTZES  ...  Brand NEW!   HOT OFF THE PRESS!!  This wonderful collection of 80 beloved waltzes will delight anyone who enjoys slow songs, many recommended by our jamming friends and students.  This book is a little different in that the timing of each song is presented in an easy format using numbers and symbols so that everyone can beat to the same drummer on these. Check out the listing of songs at the "books" tab just under the home page link. ***Surprise, Surprise!  There's a TREAT inside! *** Available at $50, includes shipping.  


Students claim wonderful benefits to learning this simple, fun and easy musical number system.  Not only have my students demonstrated that they can play by ear faster and without really trying, but they also learn to read sheet music a whole lot faster when they are ready.


These books are available in bound paperback or for upload in .pdf format.  Please click on any "Play Now" link (photo at top of this home page) and send a message to place your order today!  Payment by PAYPAL only at this time please. No C.O.D.'s.  International sales are available, but shipping will be calculated based on location.  You will receive a confirmation email once payment has been received. Please allow at least 5 business days for shipment/delivery after receipt and processing of payment.  Discounts may be available for multiple quantities.


 A Teaching Guidebook is coming in the near future!


Boy, do we have fun or what?  This picture was taken at the "Pickin' In the Pines" bluegrass festival in Flagstaff, Arizona.  The lady on the left is an awesome fiddle player (and mother of 5 girls), and the lady on the right plays various bluegrass and other string instruments (like the harp and the cello) including the Kala ukulele bass.  I love my work!
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Most of these students play piano.  They range from age 4 on up.  One of the younger students plays the violin. 


I teach a unique method that has these kids playing before they can ever read a note! 


Most of my adult students are accomplished musicians who now can play by ear.  Just amazing!  See videos.

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